Broadheads Designed by bow hunters for Quick Kills, Durability and Dependability.

RAD Blades use the best German steel, finely honed to stay insanely sharp longer in the cut. Killing quickly with shorter blood trails.


Manufactured in the Pacific Northwest using the finest materials to ensure performance for Deer, Moose, Elk, Bear

Built from titanium, aircraft aluminum or stainless steel,… each designed to perform to the highest standards.

You choose materials of ferrule, locking points, and number of blades. Never a wrong answer with RAD.


Which Peep is right for me?

Again this becomes a personal choice. Our top shooters as well as our designers are always changing and always pleased with the results. For simplicity of Horizontal Plastics, to Safety of Self-Alignment, to noise and dependability of Aluminum (P-38 or Super-Deuce 38) or the Low/No light Brilliance of Glow Peep we carry most all you need. Some center the pin. Others center the pin guard. Some have long draws and some have short draws. And some have old eyes and some have young eyes. All which can effect what is best for you in regards to diameter of aperture. It still is a Coke/Pepsi or Ford/Chevy type of thing. It’s just as tough a decision, but luckily there very seldom is a wrong answer.







Radical Archery, the best bowhunting peep sights

Company Founder, Bryan Fry, left the archery industry in 1994. And while he excelled in is his return to the sport fishing industry, he kept an eye out for needs within the fast-paced changes being made within archery in the late 90’s.

Bows were getting shorter and arrows were shooting faster. Advancements in bow and arrow technologies were growing faster than the accessories could match.

He noticed that the lowly little peep sight was being ignored by the industry and the old products just were not holding up or properly fitting this new breed of bow and the torture they had to endure.

In 2001 Fry began researching modern polymers and tubing construction for peep sites. After finding materials that promised superior durability and performance, he started the process of testing different designs in hopes of engineering a product for today’s shorter, faster bows.

The testing proved successful and local shooter response was promising. In 2004 Bryan Fry enlisted the help of his brother Darren Fry to form the company RAD, Inc. (Radical Archery Designs, Inc.).

The bowhunting industry responded and the two brothers had an instant success! Not only did this new company address the growing needs of the modern compound bow, it also addressed the needs of retailers with a modern packaging presentation and competitive price.

Tru-Aligner Radical Archery Peep Sight.

Today RAD Peeps are available almost everywhere archery goods are sold. Their reputation for durability and clear apertures is only exceeded by their string friendly, burr free, construction.

RAD now offers peep sights for every bowhunter from youth shooters, novice shooters to seasoned veterans. There are wheel peeps for finger shooters, self-aligning peeps with UVR rot resistant tubing, angle mounted aluminum peep sights in a multitude of colors, and the flagship Tru-Aligner that piggy backs onto the angled aluminum peep adding alignment security to the perfect round aperture of the industry leading Super-Deuce 38.