Tru-Aligner (Clearance)

The is specifically designed for use with the popular angle mounted aluminum peep sights like RAD’s Super Deuce 38. When served together with our Super-Deuce 38 it is simply the best self aligning peep combination available today. With the Tru-Aligner your peep sight and aligner are served together in the string to become a single unit. This provides archers with the security of self alignment and the true round aperture hole of an angled aluminum peep.

Tru-Aligners come in two sizes Standsard & Ultra

The Standard size fits most angled aluminum peep sights with apertures up to 3/16” while the Ultra size fits most angled peeps with aperture sizes of 7/32” and 1/4”.

Both the Standard and Ultra Tru-Aligners are available with alignment posts for Micro diameter tubing and Standard diameter tubing and are shipped with 12″ of color matched tubing.


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