Radical Archery

Deep 6 VanDyke LPS100

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100 Grain – 3 Blade – 1” Cut Diameter
The titanium VanDyke LPS100 is a joint design collaboration between RAD, Inc. and northwest bowhunting expert Larry (Crazy Larry) VanDyke.  Accuracy, sharpness, penetration, massive blood trails, bone smashing durability and quiet flight are the features he demands of his signature broadhead.  The “tool free”  Slide-Lock™ foot allows secure and easy blade replacement while the solid .030” thick blade profile assures this broadhead to be as silent as it is deadly accurate.

*Deep Six is a registered trademark of Easton Technical Products.

STK #CLLS100-3 D6

Northwest bowhunting expert & co-designer Larry “Crazy Larry” Van Dyke